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A barrier free shower has a shower floor that is flush with the bathroom floor. There is no lip or curb to step over or onto, so all obstacles and trip hazards are eliminated.

Barrier free showers are completely open, maximizing the usable space of both the shower and the area around it. This allows for easy access and ample room for wheelchairs, walkers and shower seats. It’s also extremely convenient for anyone needing assistance in the shower.

Barrier free showers can be fitted with numerous accessibility features including grab bars, benches (or other shower seats) and hand-held shower heads to maximize safety and function. All of these items can be located to satisfy your specific needs.

Barrier free showers can be constructed with various materials and designs. From custom tile solutions to prefabricated units with an acrylic finish for easy maintenance, Home Mobility Pros has a solution for every need, budget and style.


The National Institute on Aging finds that 80% of falls in the home occur in the bathroom.  Here are some benefits of having a barrier free shower in your home:


Barrier free showers eliminate trip hazards and provide an open and spacious bathing area.


Users gain independence and peace of mind knowing that they can bathe safely and with ease.


Barrier free showers are useable and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size or physical ability.


Barrier free showers are easy to clean and maintain and they even make your bathroom look and feel bigger!


Barrier Free Showers



Barrier Free Showers
Barrier Free Showers



Barrier Free Showers
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Barrier Free Showers


How will a Barrier Free Shower Contain Water? Will My Bathrrom Flood?

Barrier free shower pans are pitched to a drain. In some designs, linear drains are also utilized. All of the water runs from each side of the shower pan to the drain. We also install a flexible rubber waterstopper across the entire open edge of the shower and provide a weighted shower curtain that falls behind it.

We’ve installed numerous barrier free showers, both custom tile and prefabricated units, and have never once had an issue with water containment.

drain on barrier free shower

Are Barrier Free Showers Ugly?

Many clients express concerns that their barrier free shower will look “handicap” or “institutional” but this simply isn’t the case. With a variety of material and design options, we can develop a solution to fit any style or preference.

attractive barrier free shower

Is my bathroom too small for a barrier free shower?

We’ve installed barrier free showers in very tight rooms and can customize a solution to fit every space. These showers are a great solution for small spaces because they’re wide open, thus making the entire bathroom more open and accessible.

small bathroom with barrier free shower

Can I have doors or glass on my barrier free shower?

You can install doors or glass panels on your barrier free shower. However, these products impact the accessibility of the space, significantly decreasing the access and ability to move freely around the shower.


At Home Mobility Pros, we know that living with a physical or cognitive disability can present a unique set of requirements related to your home’s functionality. Your bathroom and ability to stay clean is a huge part of your comfort at home. 

Our Barrier-Free Showers can become the centerpiece of your accessible bathroom.  The shower opening is level to the floor, and we complement your shower with railings, grips and benches at your request.  We can convert even small spaces into more accessible barrier-free showers.  Or, we can take on more luxurious projects if you have the space and budget.

Whether you have an immediate need or are anticipating future requirements, Home Mobility Pros is committed to enhancing the overall livability of your home.  We have over a decade of experience serving Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and we are Certifed Age-in-Place Specialists.



“We are very pleased with the finished shower installation. Your two employees, Jake and Mike, were courteous, hard working and very professional!”

Betti M. – Dighton, MA

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