Being able to safely and efficiently access food is important for seniors and individuals with mobility disabilities living independently or with caretakers. Accessibility renovations in the kitchen can preserve a sense of autonomy and decrease the likelihood of kitchen accidents:

  • Lowered countertops and cabinets: Lowered cabinets and countertops in the kitchen can make food, dishes, and other kitchen essentials accessible to people with mobility impairments. This can help with cooking and feeding themselves independently.
  • Open space under kitchen sinks: Roll-under sinks in the kitchen can give people who use wheelchairs access to the faucet and counterspace.
  • Touch control faucets: Touch control faucets can be helpful for individuals with all sorts of mobility aids. It allows less fine motor skills or assistance to get the sink to work, which can improve autonomy in the kitchen.
  • Open floor plan: Open floor plans in the kitchen can be easier for mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and crutches to maneuver around in. Additionally, having an open floorplan in the kitchen can also be beneficial for caretakers and seniors to be in the same space for cooking or meal assistance.
  • Accessible appliances: Accessible appliances can include appliances with large digital displays, with touch activation, or louder alerts/more visible signals. By having accessible appliances, seniors and people with mobility impairments can continue to use their appliances with minimal assistance.

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