A walk-in bath is, in some respects, as familiar as a standard bath, but will always raise questions when people consider having one fitted. Here are our answers to some of the questions about walk-in baths we hear every day:

1) How high is the step into the walk-in bath?

About 8-9 inches (200-230mm) high. This is much lower than the regular threshold of a standard bath, which is typically about 22 inches (560mm). A lower threshold can be achieved by using a bath step about 2-3 inches (50-70mm) high. This will provide a platform to step onto outside the bath before stepping into the bath itself.

2) Do I have to sit inside while the bath fills with water?

Yes, you have to step in and close the door behind you and then start filling the bath. It won’t take too long. Expect it to be a couple of minutes, depending on the desired water level and the pressure of the hot water system, something Absolute Mobility would assess before a walk-in bath is fitted. In some cases a pump would be installed where a standard gravity fed hot water system provides low water pressure.

3) Will I be able to reach the taps and plugs?

Everyone’s mobility is different and some people may find it easier than others. It may be helpful to look at your existing bath and imagine it configured as a walk-in bath and what it would be like to reach the taps and plugs. Short length, sit in tubs are often popular with people who need the taps and plugs in easy reach.

4) How secure is the door?

Very secure and it will not leak. Some bath manufacturer’s offer a lifetime guarantee on the door seal for added peace of mind. People have front loading washing machines in their homes without a second thought and the principle of a walk-in bath door is exactly the same.

5) How hot is the hot water? Is there a risk of scalds or burns?

All walk-in baths must be fitted with a thermostatic valve which regulates the hot water at a maximum of 43 degrees and no hotter. This prevents any risk of scalds or burns as the bath fills with hot water.

6) Do I have to wait for the bath to drain before I get out?

Yes, you have to pull out the plugs and let the water fully drain away before you open the door. It should take roughly the same time as your current bath takes to drain depending on how much water you have used.

7) I have trouble getting up and down in the bath. Is a walk-in bath still suitable?

Yes, but we recommend a power lift seat to provide assistance with lowering you into the bath and raising you back up again.

8) Can other family members use the walk-in bath?

Of course. Once the door is closed a walk-in bath is just the same as a standard bath. If the bath has a power lift seat, lower it out of the way or choose a model with a removable seat.

9) Can the bath be custom made to my preferred sizes?

No. That said we have many different walk-in baths in different sizes so you are sure to find something suitable. Some models have a 1500mm (59 inch) long version as well as the more familiar 1700mm (67 inch) long bath. For smaller or unusual spots, consider a short length sit in tub, which will be about 1200m (47.3inches) long. During installation, the bath can be recessed into the wall if slightly too big. Boxing in or storage units can fill any empty space left at one end of the bath.

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