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As we age, maintaining the ability to live independently in our homes becomes increasingly important. For those residing in Rhode Island, there are a multitude of resources available to support aging in place and home mobility. From home modification programs to transportation services, Rhode Island has taken strides to ensure its aging population has access to the necessary resources to maintain their independence. Below are some of the top resources available in Rhode Island for those looking to age in place and maintain their mobility in and around their home. Whether you’re a senior looking to stay in the home you’ve loved for decades or a caretaker seeking resources for a loved one, Rhode Island has options to fit your needs.

The Governor’s Commission on Disabilities in the State of Rhode Island is a vital organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. Comprised of appointed commissioners from varying backgrounds and abilities, the Commission works towards reducing barriers and promoting inclusivity in all aspects of life for those with disabilities. With a focus on policy development, education, and advocacy, the Commission strives to raise awareness of the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, while actively working to ensure that they have equal access to all aspects of society. Through their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities continues to make a profound impact on the lives of countless Rhode Islanders with disabilities.

The State of Rhode Island’s Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals division provides vital services to residents in need of specialized care. This division is committed to providing high-quality services that support individuals with behavioral healthcare needs and developmental disabilities, while also addressing mental health concerns and substance abuse issues. With a focus on promoting independence and reducing stigmas, the division works tirelessly to develop innovative programming and support systems that empower individuals to achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. As a trusted provider of essential services, the State of Rhode Island is dedicated to ensuring that all residents have access to the care and support they need to lead healthy and productive lives.

The Ocean State Center for Independent Living is a vital resource for individuals with disabilities in Rhode Island. Committed to the empowerment and advocacy of those they serve, the organization offers a wide range of services and programs designed to enhance independence and improve quality of life. From peer support and education to employment assistance and accessibility evaluations, the center is dedicated to ensuring that every person with a disability has the tools they need to achieve their goals and participate fully in their communities. As a leader in the disability rights movement, the Ocean State Center for Independent Living is a constant voice for change and progress, working tirelessly to advance the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities in Rhode Island and beyond.


As individuals age, it can become increasingly challenging to navigate their homes with ease. Fortunately, the state of Massachusetts offers a plethora of resources designed to support aging in place. Whether it’s installing grab bars, building wheelchair ramps, or modifying a home to incorporate accessibility features, homeowners can access a variety of programs to help them maintain their independence and safety. From financial assistance to educational workshops, Massachusetts has resources available to help individuals live comfortably and confidently in their homes for as long as possible.

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission Home Loan Program offers an opportunity for qualified borrowers to obtain financial assistance for home renovations and modifications. Designed to help individuals and families with disabilities live independently, this program provides low-interest loans, grants, and other forms of assistance. As a professional organization committed to promoting accessibility and inclusion, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission is proud to support this program and offer financial support to those who need it most. Whether you are looking to make your home more wheelchair accessible or need other modifications to increase your mobility, this program can offer the resources and support necessary to help you achieve your goals.

The Massachusetts Bristol Elder Services Program provides an essential resource for seniors in the Bristol County area. This program is dedicated to helping elderly individuals maintain their independence and quality of life by providing a range of supportive services. From home-delivered meals to transportation assistance, the skilled and compassionate team at Bristol Elder Services is committed to meeting the unique needs of each individual they serve. With a focus on promoting dignity, respect, and autonomy, this program plays a vital role in the community and serves as an invaluable resource for seniors and their families.

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