Barrier free living is residential space designed to be functional for everyone, regardless of age, size, or level of ability. By eliminating common barriers found in typical home designs, barrier free homes are accessible, adaptable, and inclusive to more people.

Why Barrier Free Living?

Consider your home and the homes you’ve visited. Is it easy to walk through the front door? Use the bathroom? Cook a meal with your friends?

You may not have thought about these things before. In fact, many of us take our access to functional, usable spaces for granted. However, for some people—whether they’ve lost mobility with age, they use some kind of assistive device like a wheelchair, or they have another disability—these questions can bring up some serious issues.

Barrier-free homes are built to work for a wide variety of people of diverse ages, genders, and disability statuses.

Universal Design

Universal Design is a type of design that focuses on creating products and spaces that work best for the widest variety of people. This type of design focuses on features like flexibility, ease of use, simplicity, and error tolerance. At its best, Universal Design yields products and spaces that simply work well for everyone, with limited exclusion.

By applying this concept to residential spaces, you can design homes that work well for a broad spectrum of people with varying needs. This could include multigenerational families living under one roof, individuals who use wheelchairs and mobility devices, adults seeking homes where they can safely age in place, and more.

Flexibility allows different people to use different features and areas of the home in ways that work well for them. It may not be initially obvious that a feature is universally designed.

It’s really about taking a lot of accessible features and integrating them well together. This way, if somebody has a specific need, they’ll be able to use the space as it is or see that there is some variability built-in.

The other way to look at it is more holistically. Instead of just pointing out specific features—looking at the home as an entire product in itself.

About Us

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