What does it take to install a ramp and will you need assistance?

Before beginning on the ramp quote process make sure you understand the undertaking. We highly recommend contacting Home Mobility Pros, who have of the skills to assess what it takes.

Here are some important things to consider for ramp installation:

  • Cut and solder steel
  • Install concrete anchors – if needed
  • Predrill holes for screws

What is the rise?

The rise concerns the distance between the bottom of the stairs or ledge needing to be ramped over to the top of the stairs or ledge. This measurement determines what the slope of the ramp will be. We make sure that the slope is appropriate for use and, if necessary, that it is ADA compliant.

Does this ramp need to be ADA compliant?

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) introduced a number of requirements for ramps, most importantly the slope of ramps and the use of landings for rest. ADA-compliant ramps require at least a 1:12 ratio of rise to run (slope). An ADA-compliant ramp must have a flat landing at both the top and bottom of each run. Your ramp may need to be ADA compliant if you plan to sell your house or business, or if your local municipality requires it. We recommend checking your municipality’s website for this information. Read more on the Guide to the ADA Accessibility Standards. Homeowners Associations also may mandate ADA compliance for ramps or may indicate that houses may not have any new existing construction. You should clear up any of these questions with your HOA before beginning the ramp quote process.

Will you need any flat platforms?

Flat platforms are sometimes optional and sometimes required. An ADA-compliant ramp must have a flat landing at both the top and bottom of each run. When a ramp must change directions, either to avoid an obstacle or to make sure the ramp fits within certain space restrictions, a flat platform must be used to facilitate the turn. In order to stay ADA-compliant, an intermediary platform at a turn must be at least 60” x 60”.

Is this a straight ramp design?

Sometimes, a ramp can be as simple as a straight design coming off of the landing. These designs are best for situations in which there are no space constraints and no obstacles.

What do your local ordinances and building codes require for you to install a ramp?

This is an important question for anyone looking to build a ramp, but especially for businesses and public-access buildings. You must check with your local municipality before any building project and ensure you are following all codes and regulations.

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