Creating a barrier-free shower in your bathroom is an excellent way to increase safety and convenience for anyone, but especially for the elderly or handicapped. Barrier-free showers provide open access, making it easier for individuals to get in and out of the shower, and they minimize the risk of falls. Additionally, they offer a modern and stylish look to your bathroom. In Newport, RI, Home Mobility Pros is a reputable company that can help you get the job done. Let’s dive into what a barrier-free shower is and how it can benefit you.

What is a Barrier-Free Shower?

A barrier-free shower is a type of shower based on the principles of universal design. These showers don’t have any obstructions, such as thresholds or curbs, in the doorway, making them ideal for people with limited mobility. They can have different designs and sizes, but the essential element is that they offer the possibility of entering and leaving the shower without having to navigate a raised edge or tripping hazard.

Customization and Design

Home Mobility Pros can customize your barrier-free shower depending on your needs. They offer a variety of design solutions that can fit your style, such as luxurious marble, elegant rock patterns, or classic ceramic tiles. They can also provide you with different showerheads or handheld showerheads, grab bars, and benches to make the showering experience as comfortable and safe as possible. You can also select a frameless glass enclosure to complement the modern look of your bathroom.

Benefits of Barrier-Free Showers

Safety is the most significant advantage of having a barrier-free shower. Slipping and falling are the most common accidents in the bathroom, especially for people with disabilities or mobility issues. A barrier-free shower eliminates the need to step over high thresholds, making it safer and more accessible.

Moreover, barrier-free showers are easier to clean than traditional showers. No decorative ledges or corners mean fewer places for soap scum and mildew to accumulate, simplifying the cleaning process.

Barrier-Free Showers in Newport RI

Installing a barrier-free shower in your Newport, RI home provides safety and convenience to seniors or handicapped individuals who need it most. Home Mobility Pros can offer you a wide range of design possibilities to suit your style and provide tailored solutions to fit your needs. A barrier-free shower adds functionality and an attractive look to your bathroom. Take the first step in increasing your bathroom safety by contacting Home Mobility Pros today.