Most seniors or those with mobility issues consider home a sanctuary, a place to feel the comfort of and have some sense of independence. However, living as an active and independent senior can be challenging, especially for those with mobility challenges. For these individuals, everyday tasks can be impossible to do alone and can be demoralizing. Mobility equipment can provide the support needed to include maximum independence in the home through safety-enhancing tools such as stairlifts or wheelchair ramps. Home Mobility Pros is the answer to all the mobility needs of seniors and those with disabilities.

Stairlift in Seekonk, MA

Stairs are one of the main sources of frustration for seniors and persons with disabilities. Being unable to climb the stairs can make them feel trapped. Home Mobility Pros is a solution to this. Their stairlifts are the optimal solution for helping seniors regain their freedom. Their high-quality stairlifts provide maximum safety, comfort, and longevity. Home Mobility Pros has a variety of stairlifts and different configurations that fit different stairways. The client will undergo an assessment, and Home Mobility Pros will recommend a stairlift that suits their budget and needs. All Home Mobility Pros stairlifts pass safety standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act ensuring seniors and persons with disabilities can rely on them.

Wheelchair Ramps in Seekonk, MA

Wheelchair ramps are another solution provided by Home Mobility Pros. With a wheelchair ramp installed, seniors, and those with disabilities are given the freedom to move in and out of their homes safely. All ramps produced by Home Mobility Pros are customizable to fit your specific location, we take into account factors like scenery, the purpose, and the user’s weight. Proper installation of these ramps reduces the potential for collisions, tipping, or rolling off the edge.

Accessible Bathroom Upgrades in Seekonk MA

Bathroom safety is another concern for seniors and those with mobility issues. Bathrooms are the most common fall-prone area in a home. Home Mobility Pros has an innovative solution to these challenges. Their bathroom safety products (such as grab bars) increase safety in the bathroom, ensuring that seniors and those with disabilities can use the bathroom safely and comfortably. Notably, Home Mobility Pros will install grab bars in the places that they are required most, and the user can customize color and material to fit your bathroom.

At Home Mobility Pros we provide a wide range of excellent products that cater to each client’s unique needs. Apart from stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, and bathroom safety products, we offer other products like handrails, vertical platform lifts, patient lifts, and personal elevators to make life easier for seniors and others with disabilities. We strive to offer personalized mobility solutions and thus have a proven track record of genuinely listening to our clients. We work with operators who understand the physical and emotional implications of mobility limitations, which is why quality service is our priority at all times.

For those with mobility challenges, achieving an independent lifestyle is an essential goal. Home Mobility Pros is a leader in providing mobility equipment and solutions that are both practical and cost-effective. We are committed to ensuring our clients are satisfied with our services, and we strive to provide a personalized experience. Ultimately, the goal is to make your experience a transformative one and bring freedom and independence back into your life. Home Mobility Pros is eager to answer your mobility needs, to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.