Bathrooms can be one of the least accessible rooms in the home for seniors and individuals with mobility disabilities, especially in older homes. Cramped can be impossible to navigate in a wheelchair, and deep-set tubs can make it hard to get in and out of the bath or shower. The following renovations can make the bathroom more accessible for seniors and individuals who use mobility aids:

  • Roll-under sinks: Roll under sinks have space underneath the sink specifically designed for wheelchair accessibility. These sinks allow people who use wheelchairs access to the sink, vanity, and counter space without needing to leave their chairs.
  • Walk-in tubs: Individuals with mobility impairments may use walk-in tubs to mitigate fall risks when getting in and out of the tub. Walk-in tubs have a sealed door on the side and can be installed in virtually any bathroom with a tub.
  • Bathtub lifts: A bathtub lift is a device that can lift individuals out of their chair or scooter and into the bathtub. This can allow chair users to autonomously get into the tub, or provide help to caretakers. These lifts can either be placed in the tub or outside of it, depending on the model.
  • Walk-in showers: Another advantageous renovation for people who use wheelchairs is walk-in showers, or showers without a tub, door, or curtain. These showers can be rolled right into without getting out of the chair at all. This can be a more expansive renovation and may require the services of a licensed plumber or professional handyman to ensure everything is up to code and safely installed.
  • Barrier-free shower doors: A barrier-free shower door is a shower door that is flush with the ground, meaning there is no lip or step into the shower. This can be useful for people who use wheelchairs and people with other mobility impairments, and reduces fall risks for seniors getting in and out of the shower on their own.
  • Handheld shower controls: Handheld shower controls or a handheld shower head can be useful for individuals with mobility impairments because it gives them more access to shower controls, either from a wheelchair or a shower seat. It can also reduce the number of times that they need to stand up or sit down in the shower, which can reduce fall risks.
  • Handgrips: Handgrips or grab bars in or around the shower can help seniors steady themselves while getting in and out of the shower or rise from a seated position while in the shower. These hand grips come in a variety of sizes, materials, and can be installed on your own or with professional assistance.
  • Shower seats: Shower seats can make getting into the tub and the process of showering easier for seniors and individuals with different mobility needs. You can buy free-standing shower seats that can be removed, or invest in a built-in shower seat or bench depending on your preference.
  • Non-slip surfaces and materials: Non-slip mats and materials can help reduce fall risks for seniors and individuals with mobility disabilities. There are a plethora of non-slip options for the bathroom, including paints, mats, tape, spray, and more. You may also be able to get custom non-slip bathtubs built or installed.
  • Transfer benches: Transfer benches can be a useful tool for wheelchair users. These benches can make it easier for individuals to move from chair to shower seat, bathtub, or toilet. These can be used independently, or with the assistance of a caretaker.
  • Accessible storage: Typically, you want to avoid using high shelves in senior homes, because this can create fall risks or make items inaccessible. For that reason, pull-out drawers, lowered cabinet heights, or wheeled storage in the bathroom can all be more accessible than traditional vertical storage for people who use mobility aids.

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