Thanks to the internet, Pinterest, Youtube, and even Tik tik you have probably heard wrong things about mobility remodeling upgrades that have given you the wrong impression. Lucky for you Home Mobility Pros is here to set the record straight by debunking some of the myths about mobility remodeling.

  • “Mobility remodeling is the same as ADA-compliant”. That’s not exactly the case. Here’s why: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design requirements are mostly applied to public facilities, not homes. Mobility remodeling has more to do with incorporating universal design, which improves the functionality and safety of a living space for people of all ages and abilities.

Not only that, mobility remodeling also takes overall aesthetics into account. This means that the fixtures used to create a more accessible space, such as grab bars, look like designer accents instead of the functional (but not particularly attractive) ones used in public buildings. At Home Mobility Pros our mobility remodeling solutions are customized to your habits and personal style. Just give us a call and we’ll get started on creating your accessible kitchen or bathroom quote!

  • “Mobility remodeling is only about safety.” A significant part of mobility remodeling does focus on improving safety. But other factors, such as aesthetics and comfort, are also considered. The latter is particularly important. Comfort can mean different things to people, but in mobility remodeling, it mostly has to do with making certain tasks easier. You don’t think much about twisting open a doorknob, but this simple action can be difficult for those who have issues with fine motor skills. To increase comfort in your living spaces, replace door knobs with lever handles, install touchless kitchen and bath faucets, and install shelves and countertops at lower heights.
  • “Mobility remodeling is expensive.” Depending on the design and finish of the accessibility features you’ve picked, perhaps it will cost you more. But the fact about mobility remodeling is that it can enhance all seasons of your life at home – something you may find priceless later on. You get excellent value for your money, ensuring that you can remain safe, comfortable and independent in the familiar space you love.

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Home renovations are an exciting event that can transform your old and outdated home into a space you and your family will love for years to come. Without needing to relocate, you can have the home of your dreams and do it all within your budget. But how can you create your ideal home and stay in your budget?

At Home Mobility Pros, we work closely with you to create customized spaces that are tailored to your specific needs and desires. Providing the fastest quotes possible, we work efficiently so you can get started with your home renovation project as soon as possible. Working in real-time, we adjust home remodeling designs to fit your specific needs and order materials from the most respected suppliers in the nation for sustainable and quality home renovations that leave your home looking great for years to come.